Launch of the Nespresso U Machine at Kam Leng Hotel

In the month of September, Nespresso Singapore launched its most affordable coffee machine yet – U, the next generation machine that can change its shape to fit the user’s lifestyle and living spaces.

Nespresso Singapore commissioned seven influential people to deck out hotel rooms to display the new machine and how “the U lives like you”. From Industrial Chic to the Modern Bachelor Pad, the result of the collaborations are seven inspiring rooms which reflected the characters of each designer. Check out the pictures from the recent launch event at Kam Leng Hotel.

The room was decked out in Shanghainese brocade, wares and accessories from old colonial Singapore
The room was inspired by the 1930's
The white U machine stands out against the vivid red brocade background
Designers of Gardens by the Bed- Diana Tang & Stephanie Wong
Have a little tea party with your friends
Inspired by fairytales, stories, nature, trees, good times/friends and conversation, comfort, fun, surprises
Take a seat and enjoy a cup of Nespresso coffee
The U machine the lush garden greenary and fairytale illustrations
Designers for the 'No Sleep' room- Kiat and Cherry
The U machine with the whimsical rabbit lamp to light up
System Sovreigns inspiration- chaotic world that is spiraling out of control, there still lies a certain order- a path we are all pre-determined to follow
The black balloons symbolize our subconscious - we cannot look inside with true clarity. It is constantly shifting and evolving.
An interesting array of nothing and everything.
Every college boy needs a U machine to accompany him mug for exams or party all night
The college boy has a massive T-shirt collection
Designer for the Industrial Chic room - Anthony Ho
Inspired by 1970s interiors and design, Anthony Ho of LEFTFOOT designed this room with beauty, affordability and utility in mind.
The Nespresso U machine fits into even the tightest corners
The designer's favourite piece - the bicycle was a ‘love at first sight’ moment
Designer of the Young Couple room- Velda Tan Young Couple
Inspired by the quaint corners of her favourite city, Paris, and the modern interiors that add character to its charming old buildings.jpg
The look is kept simple with black and white decor, but she uses accents of red to represent the excitement and passion the newly-wedded couple possesses.
The red Nespresso U machine fits perfectly into the lives of the newly-wed
Designer for the Bachelor Pad- David Fuhrmann Lim
The U machine situated comfortably alongside the bachelor's drink stash
The room is subtly sexy; red is always attractive in this sense.
There are conversation pieces to help ease the night along
One of the 'tour' groups opening their first door to check out the designer's room
Nespresso Country Manager Irene Latoa addressing the media
Guests opening their 'dessert' boxes which contains instructions for the tour
Guests on a tour around Kam Leng Hotel to check out how the U machine lives like you
Guests tasting the delicious desserts -With U on it!
Barista preparing one of Nespresso's coffee recipes for tasting