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The third quarter of the year seems to get busier for the CROWD girls, especially when given a task to conceptualize the launch of Nespresso’s latest and most affordable coffee machine – U.
After hours of brainstorming, we decided to play around with the tagline of the new U – How the U lives like you!
CROWD worked with seven influential people to see how the new U can fit into their personality and lifestyle by conceptualizing and decking out hotel rooms with a specific theme.
The seven designers came up with the following themes:
  • Gardens by the Bed: Inspired by fairytales, stories, nature, trees, good times/friends and conversation, comfort, fun, surprises
  • Designers of Gardens by the Bed- Diana Tang & Stephanie Wong
    • Stephanie is a senior designer at Epigram – an established design consultancy and publisher. She has published five books to date including the best-selling Amos Lee series. Her illustrations from the Amos Lee series was animated to be part of the Amos Lee TV series on Okto.
    • Diana Tang works as a creative in the corporate world by day and by night comes, she turns into a dream-chaser. When the sun sets, she deliberates on her passion for all things fashion and art. Every window display can be a source of inspiration, every new line of shoes can flash a brainwave for her next creation.


  • Shanghainese Colonel: Alvin and Kalista wanted to give the guests an idea of how it was like, staying in the Kam Leng of 1938. With Shanghainese brocade, wares and accessories from old colonial Singapore. Elaborate and very vintage.
    • Alvin is a Designer/writer/art director who is constantly trying to satiate his constant visual cravings. He has a perchance for odd things and is constantly trying to give color and meaning to the things around him.
    • Kalista loves beautifying surroundings, her last job got her managing events. No surprise, since she’s good at evoking feelings and emotions from day to day objects.


  • No sleep: In this chaotic world that is spiraling out of control, there still lies a certain order- a path we are all pre-determined to follow. It is the way the universe has been designed. You are standing here reading this because of a series of decisions you have made throughout your entire life, you are not here by chance.
    • System Sovereign is the creative studio of Syndicate – an audiovisual Collective typical expectations of the electronic dance audiovisual gigs. When not in their music branding solutions for clients in fashion, institutions. They both love a good Piccolo Latte.
  • Industrial Chic: Inspired by 1970s interiors and design, Anthony Ho of LEFTFOOT designed this room with beauty, affordability and utility in mind.
    Anthony wanted to achieve a “weathered and industrial chic” aesthetic.
  • Designer for the Industrial Chic room - Anthony Ho
    • Anthony Ho’s love for footwear along with all things vintage and fashionable led to his first foray into business circa 1997-Vintage Closet (VC). His obsession for refined footwear, the pizazz to any outfit, led to the opening of LEFTFOOT in 2003. LEFTFOOT at Far East Plaza was the first footwear boutique that catered to a niche crowd who sought after footwear that was not easily available in the region. Anthony drinks his coffee strong and less acidic.
  • College Dorm: College was the best years of our life for many of us. The college dorm room was aninspiration from stories that Sharon’s boyfriend have told her from his exciting times back at college. A college dormitory is a room where you will stumble upon an interesting array of nothing and everything.
  • Designer for College Dorm- Sharon Tan
    • Sharon Tan – With an immaculate eye for fashion, her dream was to be a part of the fashion world. After FashionCollege in Sydney in 2006, she scored a job with a fashion label and the best part of the job was putting together their lookbooks which lead to styling photoshoots. As a stylist for magazines, piecing together a photoshoot is her most treasured piece of art. She likes her coffee milky and foamy.


  • Modern Bachelor Pad: A room that invokes a man’s individuality, a space that defines his “je ne sais quoi”, and a den that helps to seduce.
  • Designer for the Bachelor Pad- David Fuhrmann Lim
    • David Fuhrmann Lim is the editor of a popular man’s magazine. He plays ultimate frisbee and cycles, and claims he has the same number of Tour de France championship titles as Lance Armstrong. He has three cats.


  • Young Couples Room: Velda envisioned the couple to be full of life and drive; always seeking new adventures on the roads less traveled. The look is kept simple with black and white decor, but she uses accents of red to represent the excitement and passion the newly-wedded couple possesses.
  • Designer of the Young Couple room- Velda Tan Young Couple
    • Velda Tan is the co-founder of Singapore’s pioneer online retail store, Love, Bonito. As Creative Director, she oversees the label’s designs and art directs its fashion editorials. Her blog has garnered a wide following locally and internationally from the unique insights she has gained from previous stints in the circuit. Velda’s favourite coffee – Strong and white.
Nespresso Singapore and CROWD hosted a group of media and bloggers on 12th September at the Kam Leng Hotel and welcomed them with a big U. After which, they were treated to a delectable meal from LP + Tetsu before given a grand tour of the seven special rooms.
Check out the photo album HERE and let us know which is your favorite room.

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